Outwitters, Analysis, & You!


No news on the patch update this week, other than it isn’t submitted for Apple’s approval yet. Seeing how apps take about a week to get approved, I’d say early next month is the more likely release date. We’re as antsy as anyone to start testing new team pack ideas, but we also don’t want to rush this patch and break the game. Sorry for the delay.

While you wait, I’d recommend everyone check out this thread from our forums, if you haven’t already. NathanDetr0it, which I like to think is not a psuedonym, does an excellent job breaking down the strategic subtleties behind Outwitters’ simple rules. It might change the way you look at your turns. It might change the way you look at your life.

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2 responses to “Outwitters, Analysis, & You!”

  1. Nathan G. Martin says:

    Wow, front page props— Thanks guys! Major Kudos for all the hard work that has and is still going into Outwitters!

    Coming up soon in the aforementioned thread, I’m hoping to break down some nuances of Space & Material, and some interesting relationships between Wit numbers and unit counts. Glitch and of course the Unit analyses are coming too.

  2. K0h4ku says:

    Fantastic commnication and way cool to highlght a great community contribution! Enjoying the game so far.