What We’re Playing – July ’12


Adam the Artist

I’m one of those weirdos that still turns on his Wii once in a while . I couldn’t find a better way to word that. Anyway, the virtual console is a nostalgia factory, so I bought Paper Mario and Super Mario RPG. It’s surprisingly easy to get me to buy old games all over again.

I found another iOS title that hooked me pretty hard, and it’s free so you should check it out. Project 83113 (which is a terrible name, because I have to think really hard to type it) is a bullet hell platformer with swipey slide and jump controls. They take some getting used to, but it’s comfortable as long as you aren’t trying to stand still. It’s a bullet dodging game, so… I don’t think I was supposed to be standing still anyway. Each level has highscore goals and hidden objects (GOD I love hidden objects) so there’s nice replay value to be had. I’m a sucker for a good platformer.

Alex the Codesmith

Alex is playing House Hunter. It’s a very dull and time-consuming game where you try to buy a house in Atlanta.

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5 responses to “What We’re Playing – July ’12”

  1. Harti says:

    Wow… BUYING a house.
    What about your helicopter?

  2. Jeff says:

    Project 83113 is a very fun and very HARD game. Thank you for Outwitters! Awesome game and the first to successfully pull me off of Hero Academy. Love 2v2! Keep the new teams coming. Is the next team Ventriloquist? A team of puppets where the super unit is a puppeteer than can control a teammate for its action?

  3. Pyyrhic says:

    So i assume House hunter is like Monster hunter, but with more houses.

  4. Jerome says:

    Project 83113 is a great game! Too bad it’s off the app store now.. better backup that file right?

    Not sure why it went down.. anybody know?

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