When Worlds Collide


The funny thing about Josh Trumper’s fan art submission is that I have an eerily similar page in my Outwitters sketchbook. I couldn’t have done a better job assigning roles for the Tilt to Live power ups myself. In fact, I didn’t… His are more clever.

In his own words: “The Red Dot Destroying Arrows are a team of silent types who enjoy nothing but setting off power ups and killing red dots… and they’re all out of dots.” I kid you not, Josh has 3 paragraphs of very specific ideas for his Vortex special character, an invulnerable sinkhole that consumes friends and foes alike. He even suggested a 3 turn countdown before the Vortex activates, just like Tilt to Live. Someone has a bright future in game design ahead of them.

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For his time and effort, Josh is getting the item of his choice from our Tilt to Live store. If you have some One Man Left fanart & are over the age of 13, send it over to contests[at]onemanleft.com. If we like your stuff, we’ll post it and send you a free item from our shop.

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8 responses to “When Worlds Collide”

  1. Solan says:

    😀 it’d be fun to have the arrow become playable in outwitters too… I hope this becomes a reality.

  2. izakthegoomba says:

    Please please PLEASE make this real! That would be such an awesome crossover!

    Seriously, it would rival Mario and Sonic meeting each other at the olympics.

  3. QuantumApocalypse says:

    AHhdfandfnlanlkaskldjasfdasd I want this. TTL+Outwitters=Win

  4. diggitfireball says:

    This should become a secret unlockable team in Outwitters!

  5. izakthegoomba says:

    Yeah, you can play as these ONLY if you’re a Super-Titan.

  6. Adam says:

    We’ve toyed with the idea, but if we want to release this thing anytime soon we need to stay focused. It could make a fun update, though.

  7. T-Will says:

    That is full of WIN! I second the motion to have the arrow team as an update. 😀