“Tilt” Gets Appendages


Still have a small backlog of fanarts, or farts as I like to call them for short. Little backed up with all these farts. Today’s submission is from Himanshu Modi, literally hand-painted on his iPad with an app called Procreate. I’ll let him explain it in his own words.

“Can you not make a sort of a platforming game out of Tilt to Live… you know like Gauntlet mode in the iPhone, where you have a sense of going from left to right like a platformer, but where instead of dying, you end a level, say after a minute, with a boss fight? It’s easy enough to picture right? You could have a cool story about how Tilt is out to save the world… or, well, his girlfriend.” (His name’s actually not Tilt, it’s You. That’s a little How to Play trivia.)

Hats off to Himanshu for imagination. We gave him an arrow with a circle under it, and he turned it into a blockbuster!

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For his time and effort, Him (can I call you Him?) is getting the item of his choice from our Tilt to Live store. If you have some One Man Left fanart & are over the age of 13, send it over to contests[at]onemanleft.com. If we like your stuff, we’ll post it and send you a free item from our shop.

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11 responses to ““Tilt” Gets Appendages”

  1. Himanshu says:

    Hey thanks!

    Nice to see the drawing up here. Now to get Nolan or Spielberg to read my one paragraph script!

  2. Himanshu says:

    And aye! You got my name wrong… It’s “Himanshu”

  3. Adam says:

    Fixed! Sorry about that. See, my dad’s name is Himonshu, but he spells it with an “o”, so I got confused.

  4. izakthegoomba (the guy who fully advocates an Android port of TtL and Outwitters) says:

    TtL as a platformer?


  5. Himanshu says:

    @Adam – Your Dad’s name is Himonshu! That is surprising…. Himanshu is actually alternatively spelt and pronounced as “Himonshu” by a lot of Bengalis – people from east of India. No connection, right? And one more supporter for TTL platformer… How many more would you need?

  6. izakthegoomba (the guy who fully advocates an Android port of TtL and Outwitters) says:

    Well, I’ve been going on about an android port to no avail, so…

    A few hundred?

  7. Adam says:

    We have a lot of ideas and a lot we’re already doing, but we do appreciate suggestions. An Android port involves us redoing Tilt to Live from scratch, and that just doesn’t sound like any fun at all.

    • http://www./ says:

      Ja, ek blog ook nou so los vir my comments oor voorstelle wat jul graag wil van hoor of lees op die blog, ens. Ook hoe kry mens foto,s en sulke goed daarop ! eks nog nuut so leer maar, en is bietjie cyberfobies.

    • http://www./ says:

      -I can see how Anya would definitely come off as whiny without the context. If I had to name a weakness of Anya’s, it’s that without all the information in the book, she just looks like a big complainer. But she’s really looked into the troubles that this generation is having and the future troubles we’ll have (because of the way our economy is built, etc).I definitely recommend you check out the book – she really has done her research.

  8. izakthegoomba (the guy who fully advocates an Android port of TtL and Outwitters) says:

    Really? From scratch?


  9. Adam says:

    Yep. We definitely would’ve done it last year if it was easy.

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