The Legend of Tilting to Live


We’ve been sitting on more than a few worthwhile fan art pieces the last few weeks, so how’s about a post? Today’s selection came to us from Kyle, a US Marine currently serving in Afghanistan, who enjoys writing comics when he isn’t in real & immediate danger. My favorite panel is definitely the last one, where Link looks surprised, but not terribly upset.

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For his time and effort, Kyle is getting the item of his choice from our Tilt to Live store. If you have some One Man Left fanart & are over the age of 13, send it over to contests[at] If we like your stuff, we’ll post it and send you a free item from our shop.

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2 responses to “The Legend of Tilting to Live”

  1. brayton says:

    yes very good, and wondering since after my device broke the day before tournament,(26.5 million code red easily) if i spend lots of time can i get a coffee mug if i make an art work.

  2. Loons says:

    This comic is awesome 😀 Great Job!