Outwitters Update


Another productive week at OML Headquarters! The alpha version of the game now has Unranked Online matches mostly working, which is our last gametype after the League stuff & Pass n’ Play. Now that those big pieces are in place, the bug hunt begins.

I’d also like the world to know that I’m ranked Super-Titan #1 for probably the only time in my career. Just wanted to get that in writing. Feels good. If you’re curious, I won the honor when our friend Josh Macias accidentally hit “Give Up” instead of “Replay”. So “beating” an unbeatable player was worth enough points to catapult me to Super-Titan, where I am currently alone. Still counts, Josh. Suck it.

In other news, Mobi sucks. I hate him more than any idea I have ever been partly responsible for. He is a hellgate which floods the world with an endless supply of deadly snipers. We’ll be addressing that.

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12 responses to “Outwitters Update”

  1. T-Will says:

    I don’t get why nobody likes the beluga whale…poor beluga whale… :`-(

  2. Solan says:

    Lol don’t give up hope on Mobi! And maybe you should put the “give up” button in a location that’s hard to hit.

  3. Avenged110 says:

    Haha I lol’d while reading this. I love the little incremental update/progress posts 😀

  4. Imhungry4eva says:

    It’s not Mobi’s fault. He is just an innocent whale.

  5. Texas holden says:

    Poor Mobi. He’s just a narwal (spelling?) that transports people. (snipers) From last post, I got Gesundheit! And it totally rocks! Thanks, Adam!

  6. izakthegoomba (the guy who fully advocates an Android port of TtL and Outwitters) says:

    You’re number one… out of two?

  7. Quantum Apocalypse says:

    @izakthegoomba I think out of everyone who owns the game. Number one in the world!

  8. Adam says:

    @izak: Out of THREE testers, thanks.

  9. Isaac says:


  10. izakthegoomba (the guy who fully advocates an Android port of TtL and Outwitters) says:


  11. lolcoptr says:

    needless to say: Save The Whales!

  12. TTL FTW says:

    Love the concept of the new game – TBS are the best, and if TTL is anything to go by, you two are the best people to make the game.

    In fact, I’m planning on making a game. A tower defence, for online PC, maybe adapting to iPod/android if it works. Where would you recommend learning Java? I know the basics, but I can’t seem to find any coherent guides online.