Tournament Progress Report


Here’s our current top 15 scores (includes some from yesterday that may be dropping off). As a side note: it seems to us that these scores take a while to propagate to other devices. So just because your new highscore shows up instantly on yours, doesn’t mean it has made it to mine. Try not to cut it too close to 10PM Eastern, or your score might not make it in!

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15 responses to “Tournament Progress Report”

  1. cookienut says:

    I’m winning! Woot!

  2. bernaferrari says:

    How big was your combo cookienut?

  3. Calebsmith26 says:

    Man! And I thought I was addicted!

  4. cookienut says:

    The combo was 6664 from the start to end. I never dropped the combo. The red dots get mighty fast after the 3000 combo.

    2 hrs for someone to beat me. If they can, they deserve the t-shirt!

  5. cookienut says:

    Actually, the combo I speak of was for 226 million. The 86 million is old news now 🙂

  6. Alex says:

    Wonder how many other people have first gen iPod Touches like myself. We’re still fans too! Could have been in the running but wouldn’t even have been able to register because I don’t even have GameCenter 🙁

  7. cookienut says:

    True, a good friend of mine is still rocking a 3G and is damn good at this. Too bad he can’t have game center. Let’s blame apple for that one.

    Correction: my score was 212 million for the tourney

  8. izakthegoomba says:

    I’m giving up now. cookie pwns us all too badly. I got about 15M, which pales on comparison to that list.


  9. Alex says:

    If I took a picture of my iPod’s score next to an atomic clock showing today’s date and time think they’d consider it? I’m still trying to think of ways to circumvent my iPod’s lack of available updates.

  10. cookienut says:

    I am an Atomic Clock.

  11. Alex says:

    …so are you always on time?

  12. chingoo says:

    I need to take this game more seriously, shoot.

  13. Avenged110 says:

    Well, that was that hardest I’ve failed in a while… 🙁

  14. Noobiefier says:

    Damn I wish I got my 100m now. But hats off to you cookienut.

  15. brayton says:

    all i wanted was top 5, but i pad broke(apple says just screen)for no reason, i can easily get 30 million.

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