The Almost Not Quite the Best Tilt to Live Player on Earth*


“The top 5 got their choice of prizes. I came 6th. Fml.”
– Jo5hman, the Almost Not Quite the Best Tilt to Live Player on Earth*

Ladies & gentlemen, it has just come to our attention that we’ve left one of our winners unrecognized! We awarded prizes to the Best Tilt to Live Player on Earth* and Not Quite the Best Tilt to Live Players on Earth*, but in some wild lapse of judgment we failed to recognize the Almost Not Quite the Best Tilt to Live Player on Earth*. Congratulations, Jo5hman, for this impressive feat! You win a blog post in our Hall of Champions, commemorating your impressive title. You were mighty close to almost the top, and we salute you. Prize over.

In other news, I’m pleased to report that Becca’s faith in humanity remains intact! Jo5hman, you owe her a thank you for this post. In fact, if you don’t thank her WE’LL LOSE OUR FAITH IN HUMANITY. How do you like them apples?

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9 responses to “The Almost Not Quite the Best Tilt to Live Player on Earth*”

  1. Miguel Conner says:

    You do realize that inevitably, the person next in line closest to winning the award/prize will complain about not being recognized, and it will spark an endless cycle of 2nd-best-award-giving. With that said, I did finish in 7th place in this tournament, so…

  2. Bahn says:

    Not to mention all the previous Code Red scores NOT beaten during the Tournament… 😀

  3. Jo5hman says:

    I am honoured to have this fitting title bestowed upon me. There have been many many years of preparation for this tournament and the list of people to thank would take an eternity to share with you all. Saying that, I would like to thank Becca and Liam for believing in me and the justice system, My parents for not disturbing my rigorous training routine leading up to this momentous day. As we know, becoming ‘the almost not quite the best Tilt to Live player on Earth*’ is a difficult feat and one that requires Olympian levels of training and discipline. A Huge thank you to One Man Left for creating a game with the sole purpose of marking my rise to almost fame and the days of my life I lost whilst playing it are more than worth it. You guys are awesome. Finally I’d like to thank my two brothers who had nothing to do with any of this.

    I look forward to competing in the next tournament where I shall fight to defend my important and prestigious title. Once again I thank and love you all.

  4. cookienut says:

    Pfffft. Break 200 million then report back.

    But seriously…I want my t shirt to show the world my eternal greatness.

  5. Solan says:

    I wonder how long that T-shirt will last you… I wore it through the summer break (july~end of august) and the picture is kinda already worn out.:( Maybe its just how i wash it.

  6. cookienut says:

    The worlds best tilt to live player doesn’t wash clothes. Clothes wash him.

  7. Adam says:

    @Miguel: I’m sorry, but we have run out of good adjectives for additional awards.

  8. izakthegoomba says:

    I am struggling not to make an “In Soviet Russia…” comment.

  9. Matt Liu says:

    I made 50 million in 197 seconds!
    Isn’t that impossibly high score for a mere 3’17”?