Test Your Might


The Tournament Roster is officially full! Better luck next time.

Dust off your iPhones/Pads, boys & girls, because we’ll be holding our first-ever Tilt to Live Tournament on Saturday, August 27th! Entrants will compete in Code Red on the iPhone version of TtL (you could also play on an iPad if you dare), racking up the highest score possible by 10PM, Eastern Time in the US.

All entrants will receive a free digital copy of the TtL soundtrack, the best 5 players get the item of their choice from the TtL Store, & whoever comes out on top will receive this handsome, one of a kind “Best Player on Earth*” t-shirt (you can opt for a coffee mug or poster if you want). We’ll also officially declare the winner Best Tilt to Live Player on Earth* on this blog, permanently etching his/her accomplishment into the bowels of history. If you think you’ve got what it takes, just read the official rules below!

Official Contest Rules

How to Enter Sorry, we’re at capacity!

  1. You must be 13 years old or older to enter (It’s a legal thing).
  2. Registration is limited to the first 50 entrants (We have to do a lot by hand, so we’re keeping it small). This is subject to increase.
  3. To register: send an email with the subject “TtL Tournament” & your correctly spelled Game Center nickname (required!) to contests[at]onemanleft.com (using the @ symbol).
  4. You’ll receive a Game Center friend request from ‘onemanleftstudios’. Accept that and you’re ready to compete.

Mark Your Calendar!

  1. On August 27th, 2011 give Code Red mode on Tilt to Live’s iPhone version everything you’ve got. NOT Tilt to Live HD, just regular Tilt to Live; NOT Classic Mode, Code Red!
  2. At 10PM (Eastern, US time) on August 27th, we’ll be screenshotting onemanleftstudios’ Game Center leaderboard for the day’s Code Red scores. Our top five Game Center friends for that day will be declared tournament champions! No exceptions for time difference/location oopsies; our Game Center screenshot is the final say.


  1. 1st Place on the Leaderboard will receive a one-of-a-kind “Best Player on Earth*” t-shirt (available in a variety of colors), which may be substituted for a coffee mug or poster if desired. They will also receive the item of their choice from the Tilt to Live Store.
  2. 2nd – 5th Place winners will receive the item of their choice from the Tilt to Live Store.
  3. All competitors will receive a free digital copy of the Tilt to Live Soundtrack.
  4. To claim your 1st-5th place prizes, we’ll be requesting your shipping address after the tournament (make sure contests[at]onemanleft.com is in your email client’s safe senders list). If you do not provide a shipping address within 7 days, your prize will be forfeit, and we’ll offer it to the next eligible player.
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28 responses to “Test Your Might”

  1. Sarion says:

    Good news. I have sent out an E-mail for registration. My Game Center nickname is Sarion.Anna. Please choose me. ^_^

  2. Doomboy says:

    Do we put our GC username in the subject as well, or as the text of the e-mail?

  3. gaius_baltar says:

    This is awesome! I gotta have that shirt!

  4. Monty says:

    This looks amazing! I wish I could do it but im on holiday 🙁 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do another in future

  5. Roberto says:

    “Best Player on Earth” – that means I can apply, right? Brazil is in the house!

  6. Adam says:

    @Doomboy: Anywhere is fine. As long as it says Tournament in the subject and your nickname is somewhere.

    @Roberto: Thanks for making us officially international.

    @Everyone: Act fast! This thing is filling up pretty quick.

  7. Avenged110 says:

    Ahhhh! I just sent mine. I hope I’m not too late! This is what I get for going on vacation :/ Btw, that is officially the best freaking t-shirt on the planet. Really looking forward to this; thanks guys!

  8. Chokito says:

    I sent my registration about 20 minutes ago and didn’t receive a friend request. Is it already filled up?

  9. Adam says:

    The friend requests will be coming a little later, those are done by hand.

  10. Isaac says:

    Just sent mine, did I get in? Please? Pretty please? I have cookies.

  11. T-Will says:

    Does it matter if it’s Code Red with/without the Turret?

  12. Isaac says:

    @T-Will good question. +1 for no turret.

    P.s. I have cake too.

  13. gaius_baltar says:

    Got my friend request!! Thank you so much guys!

  14. Chokito says:

    Woohoo! We’re like best friends! Gotta practice now! Thank you!!

  15. Justin says:

    Is it full, or can I still get in?

  16. QuantumApocalypse says:

    Nooooooooooo. It’s already full? I just woke up!!! Gahhhhh.

  17. lolcoptr says:

    damn its full… can i have the soundtrack anyway?

  18. Avenged110 says:

    Got my invite/friend request! Thanks guys. Can’t wait for the tournament!

  19. brayton says:

    I cannot believe it is full, it is hardly the best player in the world when out of 50, should be like 200

  20. Adam says:

    Hence, the asterisk.

  21. cookienut says:

    Cool! I’m in! Just recently got 87 million on code red. Hopefully, I can get above 100million on the day for a chance.

    Great idea one man left!

  22. Lucas baggio says:

    Oh my god ive been chosen and reeeeeaaally loking fowrd to that t-shirt oh what should be and average goood score for code red?

  23. Lucas baggio says:

    Quantos brasileiros na competicao?/ how many brazilians are there in the competition?

  24. Lucas says:

    And when does it end like it starts at 10 ampm and goes till ??

  25. Lucas says:

    Oh now i got it. It will be like all they long finishing at 10 pm when they will take screenshots right?

  26. dom says:

    why cant i play? ive had the game for 6 days and i cant play because it crashes in the loading screen or when i press any of the buttons

  27. Adam says:

    @dom: I’ve forwarded your message to Alex; he should be getting in touch soon to help.

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