Tilt to Live Released on PS3! Kinda.


Our jaws dropped when we were linked to this Youtube video last week. A fan by the name of MRcheese911 (and that’s not an alias; it’s his real, given name) had both the skill and the patience to recreate Tilt to Live with the level editor in Little Big Planet 2. If you happen to have a copy of LBP2, you can play it for yourself by searching either “Tilt to Live” or ” MRcheese911″. We don’t know whether to hug him or sue him. Just kidding. We’re hugging him. Suing people is really expensive.

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For his time and effort, MRcheese911 is getting the item of his choice from our Tilt to Live store. If you have some Tilt to Live fanart, send it over to contests[at]onemanleft.com. If we like your stuff, we’ll post it and send you a free item from our shop.

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11 responses to “Tilt to Live Released on PS3! Kinda.”

  1. Isaac says:

    Wow. It always amazes me how far people will go with fandom like this.

    That said, I am getting into PC game design. I doubt I can do a TTL though.

  2. Solan says:

    That’s pretty good. Can little big planet just make any kind of game or what?

  3. Someone says:

    He’s probably not gonna do gauntlet. The song is $30, once you find it. The game is pretty cool, except for the no-touching the wall rule. The style of graphics is cool. I may just get Little Big Planet 2 for that purpose only. Probably not though.

  4. MRcheese911 says:

    @someone Just to let you know I have changed the level design now so that you can now touch the edges of the screen. 🙂

  5. Someone says:

    @MRcheese911: http://www.musicloops.com/music_download/mambolicious-1242/ is Gauntlet theme. I was close. It’s $25. Have fun!

  6. Isaac says:

    New post? Pretty please?

  7. Adam says:

    I’m sorry, but this was the last one we are doing.

  8. Mystic Kirby says:

    Aww man, I was going to do this! Oh well.

  9. CheezyMintz says:

    Running of to download!

  10. Glost says:

    Wii’s not that good, but it would be interesting to see TtL on it…