Can You Diggit, Fireball?


We actually received two fanart submissions from codename: diggitfireball. One’s a video montage, with some editing magic performed on practically every piece of Tilt to Live footage on the internet.

His second piece is hand drawn and entitled: Tilt-amous. It’s apparently a fantasy crossover of Tilt to Live and the PS3 game Infamous. That’s the strangest idea that has ever been had by anyone, so of course I’m posting it.

Your Artwork Here

For his time and effort, diggitfireball is getting the item of his choice from our Tilt to Live store. If you have some Tilt to Live fanart, send it over to contests[at] If we like your stuff, we’ll post it and send you a free item from our shop.

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10 responses to “Can You Diggit, Fireball?”

  1. GMarshal says:

    awesome video, whoever did this good job.

  2. Texas holden says:

    Wait a second, are you supposed to be able to see his hand drawn artwork? If you are, I can’t see it. I don’t know why.

  3. Someone says:

    Back to TtL, the offline high scores are broken.

  4. Texas holden says:

    Even the online scores are broken. I scored over 12 million in Code Red, but nothing changed and it stayed at my old score of 5 million.

  5. Isaac says:

    I’ve had problems with my scores. My ┬íViva la Turret! highscore is over 6,000,000, but it was displaying as something like 2,000,000. Wasn’t that supposed to be fixed?

  6. Solan says:

    It was a pretty good video, but It seemed like it could have used some more scenes of the arrow pwning red dots.

  7. Imhungry4eva says:

    Yeah, the highscore that is displayed in the top right corner of the game is not changed when you score higher. For instance; my original highscore was 15 million, but when today I scored 17 million it didn’t register or change in the top right-hand corner when in game, or before you choose to play a certain game type where your high-score is displayed under the game option. However, your new highscore is shown on your score list in the leaderboards.

    Sorry for the long sentences. But please fix the prob’.

  8. Adam says:

    @Imhungry4eva & @Isaac: Make sure you’re updated to the latest version of TtL. We’ve released a new version that fixes these problems, and I just tested it again to be sure.