Tilt to Live Takes a Holiday


The real announcement is on April 2nd.We’ve been teasing our next project for a few weeks now, and it’s been AGONIZING for me to keep my big mouth shut. So without further ado, put on your Sunday best for Tilt to Live Easter!

As soon as we saw the announcement for Angry Birds Halloween, Alex and I were instantly brainstorming holiday editions of TtL. Wouldn’t it be cool if the dots were ghosts? Cranberry sauce? Snowballs? Realistically, it was too late for us to jump on the Halloween bandwagon. And November/December was already booked with Viva la Turret.

We want this Easter edition to stand alone as its own thing, and more importantly to capture the fun of the holiday in a really authentic way. For us Easter is about surprises, the thrill of finding hidden stuff, and the creativity of decorating your eggs. So obviously, we started by turning all of the enemies into easter eggs.

We’re still in the very early stages of establishing a scoring system, so I can’t go into a lot of detail. But we do know that along with points, you’ll be accumulating Easter Spirit via a meter at the bottom of the HUD. Here’s the cool part: if you die with enough Easter Spirit, there’s a Resurrection mechanic that prevents a Game Over, saves your progress, and respawns you after 72 hours.

Tilt to Live Easter will (obviously) be released April 24th, and will debut at 99¢. Stay tuned for screenshots and a trailer as E-Day approaches.

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39 Responses to “Tilt to Live Takes a Holiday”

  1. Avenged110 says:

    Whoa. That just happened. o_0

  2. QuantumApocalypse says:

    Just curious what’s going to happen with Agon. Also, TTL holiday would be cool, but there should also be a new weapon (maybe?) and also, I think instead of the resurrection, when you are meant to die, something should happen and clear the screen of dots.
    With the standard TTL, would there be any possibility of a save mechanism that resumes your game after you quit the app?

  3. Avenged110 says:

    Is this what I think it is…?

  4. Isaac says:

    Is this some kind of joke? April fools, perhaps? Firstly, the way you spoke about what was coming next seemed bigger than this. Secondly, you said you would tell us about it on the 2nd. And I very much doubt that resurrection mechanic would ever work in gameplay. I’d much rather start a new game than wait three days to carry on! So come on, it’s a joke, right?

  5. QuantumApocalypse says:

    This would be a kind of joke, but still want answers for my above comment. The meter for ‘Easter Spirit’ would be cool though.

  6. Solan says:

    I guess that I don’t really care whether it’s a joke or not, but I do hope that this isn’t all it is.

  7. Sarion says:

    Good joke, LOL. Waiting for your new project tomorrow.

  8. mattroe says:

    I bought it for a sec… I was horrified…
    April Fools well done, sir

  9. LoveMachine says:

    will AGON be removed once it closes down?

  10. Brett says:

    Nice one. I love the icon graphic. :)

  11. Adam says:

    As an update on the AGON situation: TtL, TtL HD, & TtL Easter will all have their malignant AGONs removed, and receive some sort of transplant to keep them alive and healthy.

  12. Adam says:

    … and then I scrolled to the top of the page and saw the word “AGONIZING”, and I laughed.

  13. Ramiro says:


    Well played.

  14. Someone says:

    Normally announcing one day early is something I would let slip by. But I’m not buying it (LOL, buying it) until tomorrow and there’s nothing telling us that you’re joking.

  15. Someone says:

    Also, OPENFEINT!!!

  16. Jarod says:

    Total failure not to include a bird reference in the title. How do you expect a game to sale on the App Store without birds in the title or the game? ;-)

  17. Isaac says:

    What’s so great about openfeint? Game Center is the future, simply because everyone has it. There’s no need for two award and leaderboard systems.

  18. Haddy95 says:

    April fools?

  19. Isaac says:

    @ Haddy95

    It’d better be, or Adam shall feel my wrath…

  20. Adam says:

    You guys will like it better when we post the screenshots tomorrow. I promise.

  21. Isaac says:

    Oh, really? It’d better be either a joke, or something really special.

  22. Ira1017 says:


  23. Will-aB says:

    Please, Adam, I am begging you, do NOT allow your perfect game to be tainted with the horrors of OpenFeint. Plus maybe, but anything but OpenFeint’s obnoxiously slow system and clumsy interface. Stick with Game Center and nothing else.

  24. Someone says:

    Alright, no Openfeint, but only if you manage to completely fix the leaderboard problem.

  25. Super Volcano says:

    No. Openfeint. Or. I. Kill. You.

    If this isn’t a joke, I’m angry. Am I the only one who HATES holiday specials? THIS IS COMPLETE BULLSHIT!!!!!

  26. Super Volcano says:

    And then I noticed that it was posted on the 1st, not the second like you said. What comes next better be good.

  27. Avenged110 says:

    Wow. I like holiday editions, they’re fun. I kinda hope this is real because it sounds like fun. Now it’d be really cool if this ‘announcement’ was legit, and then there was “something else” announced tomorrow as well. Weekend made.

  28. Adam says:

    Hey guys, mouse over that icon if you have a mouse.

  29. Avenged110 says:

    @Adam Awwwwwww. too bad. I’m slightly disappointed. You guys should make a holiday version sometime when you have extra time…

    Now I’m really looking forward to tomorrow! (Is the real announcement still coming?)

  30. QuantumApocalypse says:

    I hope the ‘something new’ will be shocking like this, but in a good way. By the way, the icon gives me the idea that you play as an arrow shaped easter egg slaughtering dots wearing bunny ears.

  31. QuantumApocalypse says:

    7 minutes to go until the announcement…

  32. QuantumApocalypse says:

    I wonder how everyone would feel if OML’s announcement was a bug fix…

  33. QuantumApocalypse says:

    …or maybe the removal of Agon…

  34. QuantumApocalypse says:

    Could Alex or Adam tell me if I’m allowed to do these posts every minute. Thanks.

  35. Adam says:

    It’s actually going on CST, so an hour and three minutes from now.

  36. QuantumApocalypse says:


  37. Adam says:

    Since someone happens to be here and I don’t care about the time… Refresh in a sec.

  38. Avenged110 says:


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