Not Available in the TtL Store…


…This stylish Tilt to Live sneaker, hand-painted by the indigenous people of… I’m not actually sure where he’s from. But Graham Connell put some time into crafting this puppy, and we’re honored to have inspired him to deface his Reeboks. Some free merch is on its way to the house of Connell.

If anyone else feels inspired to create some fan art, send pics to contests at If we decide to post it, we’ll buy you one item of your choosing from our store.

Game II post coming Friday.

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10 responses to “Not Available in the TtL Store…”

  1. Ira1017 says:

    you should make a TtL sneaker.

  2. solan says:

    Very colorful and well made.

  3. diggitfireball says:

    O-sum shoes!Really cool!

    By the way…

    I have a couple of Tilt to Live fan stuff…where are the contest so I can post them?

  4. Andrew says:

    Haha hes in my class. Oh btw hes from Ottawa in canada

  5. Solan says:

    I also made some fan art, and its a file on the computer. How can I post it? will you guys make a page for it?

  6. Adam says:

    If you’d like to submit some fan art, just send it to contests at We might post our favorite once a month or so. Not going to flood the site with all of them. But if we post yours, you get free merch.

  7. Someone says:

    You need a page for this fan art thing.

  8. Solan says:

    So I sent one to I hope that it was right.

  9. diggitfireball says:

    So I made a Titlt to Live fanart thing, but don’t know where to post it.

    And it’s not as much of “art” but actually a music video of the game.

    I put it up on YouTube, so here’s the link: