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So Outwitters is a multiplayer, multi-race strategy game. How many races will we include? However many we can finish. Here’s the first race we ever mocked up, wayyy back in October. They’re the team Alex and I are testing with in our first, bare bones prototype.

When you pick a race in Outwitters, you’re choosing two things: what do I want to look like, and what’s my special unit? Every race has 5 standard units plus one exclusive, special unit.

  • Soldier: Balance of speed & strength
  • Runner: Fast mover, weak fighter
  • Heavy: Packs a punch, but gets around a little slower
  • Medic: Lover, not a fighter
  • Sniper: Long-range, low mobility
  • Special Unit: Unique for each race

The sixth unit isn’t a “super unit” at the time of this writing. You can create one for the same price as anything else, and use it whenever you want. They may not march effortlessly across the battlefield leaving only devastation in their wake, but they do have unique abilities to keep your opponents on their toes.

For the Feedback in our prototype, the special unit is called a Scrambler. It’s an incredibly persuasive, cybernetic floating brain. It’s special power: possession! If you manage to corner an enemy with a Scrambler, you can instantly brainwash him to join your team. It’ll even hijack another race’s special unit, so you can use their own abilities against them.

Stay tuned for more sneak peeks at artwork, levels, and races as we expand our prototype into the full-fledged game, arriving free-to-try on iPads and iPhones later this year.

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28 responses to “Meet the Feedback”

  1. Bernardo says:

    I want screen-shots!

  2. Someone says:

    @Bernardo: Of what? Unfinished coding?

  3. Adam says:

    Actually, I’m going to try and have a level mocked up for the next Outwitters post.

  4. Shoe says:

    This looks like Team Fortress to me!

  5. Solan says:

    This looks awesome guys! I can’t wait for screen shots and stuff.

  6. Avenged110 says:

    This is so cool. I’m really glad you guys are going the extra mile to give it that sort of shiny finish and fluidity that Tilt to Live has.

  7. Ira1017 says:

    looks awesome! definitely buying this when it comes out!

  8. 10880 says:

    graphics awesome(as always from you guys), only ground units though? thought there could be some room for a flying or underground unit in there.

    all those units with their graphics suit there names. scambler seems just a bit different as a name though as all the others are named for how they will act but converter or priest are more the traditional names for what the scrambler seems to be doing

    just a couple quick Q though, will the scrambler be a 1 time use to convert or will it be able to be used over and over? (one time use seems better to me personally)
    will the scrambler ever fail? can it be trying to convert enemies and then die in its attempt as the enemies too strong?

  9. JLB says:

    How many teams will be able to play at a time? Will there be different maps for different amounts of players (like in SC2)? And will there be things like 2 vs. 2? How many different groups will there be? And will you add more in updates?

    I still think you guys should make a bird team (market research shows…).

  10. Solan says:

    Looking at everyone’s questions, i actually came up with one myself.:P
    How do you get your units to attack? Do they just move in a straight line and fight enemy units, or is there more strategy to how they get to the enemy base?

  11. JLB says:

    Outwitters is almost going to be like Starcraft:
    There are different races fighting against each other.
    The machine team is sorta like the Protoss.
    And I guess the plant team ia sort of simialar to the Zerg.
    I guess that leaves the Terran as the cuddly team (ha ha…).
    Ok …
    I guess that is a bit of a stretch…

    Anyways, outwitters is gonna be amazing.

    (my iPod keeps auto-correcting ‘outwitters’ to ‘outfitters’. It is so annoying!)

  12. Imhungry4eva says:

    This game is really coming together. Seriously, this kind of stuff is out of the app store league. Can’t wait for it to be released, it’ll be spectacular. One question, how many races will be included? However, I guess that’ll change as the building process advances.
    Totally awesome!

  13. GMarshal says:

    And what will be cost for this game?

  14. moon-spoon says:

    Nice Graphics,
    looking forward to more teams and screenshots!

  15. John/Ass says:

    Ich freu mich drauf!
    Greetings from Germany and keep up the good work! 🙂

  16. Znegil says:

    Please make sure that you build in a “play against random player”,
    “play against friend” and “play league” option.
    You should get points like in chess for beating the enemy.
    So you get a rank in the league.
    Play league would mean someone that played within the last 48 hours and is like from 30 league places before you to 30 places behind you .

    Good luck from germany

  17. JLB says:

    How many races have you guys designed so far?

    (p.s. Please make a bird team. The special could be a scout or something…)

  18. JLB says:

    Why are the following people’s user names highlighted in orange:


  19. QuantumApocalypse says:

    They have websites associated with their name. Just enter a website when posting a comment.

  20. Someone says:

    Cuz I’m ossum.

  21. Imhungry4eva says:

    And cos I’m a legend.

  22. Jacob says:

    Would love it to help you guys once you get into beta testing. Sound kind of like speedball evolution mixed with field runners.

  23. JLB says:

    When will the beta version be completed? What is the chance I would get to test the beta version out?

  24. Marko says:

    When is it comming out?This is the copy of team fortress 2!

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  26. […] unit types: Soldier, Runner, Heavy, Medic, Sniper, and Special Unit. To provide an example, Adam tossed out the current concept of the Feedback race, a group of evil robots. To help get reactions from testers, including the One Man Left team, the […]

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  28. Polar12133 says:

    I think you should add level up and stats and stuff do it would give the player a reason to keep playing And maybe customizable appearance or armor?

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