Tilt to Live: Israeli Thunder


We got the following email recently from a serviceman in the Israeli army:

“hey there, first of all, i want to thank you for making, hands down, the best iPhone game i have ever played.  Tilt To Live is the only game i was ever able to justify spending money for, and it was worth every penny. I serve in the Israeli army, and i work with a team of people who are all obsessed (thanks to me) with tilt to live. i catch my commander playing on my iPhone all the time, and its a known running joke that our whole office is addicted. Tilt To Live is probably responsible for countless wasted work hours, and its only tolerated because the game is so awesome.  the reason i am writing is because i am (finally) finishing my army service next week, and i really wanted to give my team a going away present that was somehow related to Tilt To Live.  is there any way that i can acquire a poster or something related to the game?  i think that that would be the most appropriate present to get them, and believe it or not, that probably how ill be most remembered anyway (i hold the current record).  any help would be greatly appreciated. keep up the good work!  JON”

We decided to indulge his request for two reasons: (1) I happened to have ideas for Jew-themed weapons, and (2) you do not say no to people with guns. Below, the poster for a fantasy spin-off.

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35 responses to “Tilt to Live: Israeli Thunder”

  1. Someone says:

    So… is this a new game, an update to the game, or a pointless poster so Jon can earn some popularity points?

  2. Sarion says:

    Wow… Is it real update or just a poster?

  3. Adam says:

    I’m proud to work at a company where that is a legitimate question. But to be clear: it’s a spoof.

  4. Bernardo says:

    but anyway is a excellent idea Adam!

  5. Avenged110 says:

    Haha, thats cool. Nicely done, guys!

  6. Sarion says:

    Anyway, it’s a nice poster. Thanks Adam.

  7. Super Volcano says:

    Hahahaha, nice!
    On a non-spoofy way, we could have alternate versions of Classic that have different sets of weapons. Say 8 in each mode. Not sure if this could work, but still…

  8. Nazo Sislian says:

    Hey there,

    Just wondering if (apart from the coop multiplayer expected in February) you have any new updates planned for this year.

    I had TTL since day one, but only recently have become extremely addicted to it; playing on a daily basis for 30-40 mints at least.
    I think you should award an (in-game) achievement for people who spend long hours playing your game.

    Anyways, hope you’re planning on letting this game grow and blossom, since it’s a pure genius in it’s simplicity, and gameplay.


  9. TTL Adict says:

    I’ve had an idea for a new classic style game mode that could be called “Blackout” mode. This would be identical to classic mode, but you are’t able to see the whole screen. Instead, you have an aura of light around you which gets dimmer with distance, so you can only see things inside a certain radius. It could be that the visible zone gets smaller with time too, making it even harder to survive and combos are more valuable. This could be coupled with an exclusive “Lightorb” power-up which lights up the whole screen for a short time (five seconds?).

    This is an idea which I’ve had for a while, and I can’t wait for viva la coop to come out. It’d be amazing (although difficult) if it came out before the 20th of February, so it’d still pick up on the buzz of Valentines day.

  10. Someone says:

    I now know how it feels to be 10 seconds away from Gauntleteer, then die. It sucks.

  11. ira1017 says:

    @TTLADICT that’s a pretty good idea!

  12. Me says:

    I like super volcano’s idea better. A new set of weapons.

  13. lloyd says:

    I don’t think that they’ll be adding any new updates after co-op. This is mainly because of the financial cost. They aren’t making any more money from updates unless they add in-app purchases, which people are already complaining about. I think it is time to move on to a totally new game and maybe comeback to tilt to live with a sequel, with all new weapons and game modes. I do love TTL Adict’s idea though.

  14. Someone says:

    @lloyd: They could always make future updates part of the current in-app purchase.

  15. Solan says:

    This poster is cool! ROTFLMAO.:D
    P.S.@TTLaddict I also think that is a good idea, but it probably wouldn’t work as good on the Iphone as much as on the Ipad.

  16. He'll yeah says:

    I think there should be a free style mode for each game type so you could practice and you can also have loads of fun but no scoring just free style. I like t/l addicts idea but as solan says it wouldnt work on the I phone that well.

  17. Someone says:

    @He’ll yeah: That’s just the same thing minus credit for high scores. Oh yeah, and one word: Flail.

  18. TTL Adict says:

    He’ll yeah’s idea could work. If there was a pause for a second or a beep every time you died, you could use it to practice the trickier dot formations. This’d probably be best for gauntlet mode.

  19. Someone says:

    @TTL Adict: That’s why you have 4 lives.

  20. TTL Adict says:

    I meant you could have unlimited lives and just an indication of when you die, rather than restarting.

  21. Someone says:

    @TTL Adict: Just practice in normal Gauntlet. That’s how I got 9:49 in Gauntlet.

    Also, to the developers. I got a Code Red high score of over 9,000,000 and it didn’t save.

  22. Someone says:

    Nevermind, I got 12,000,000 and it saved. Also narrowly missing my second last achievement with a 12xx combo.

  23. OZPruduction says:

    Seeing this and being Israeli made me happy 😀

  24. Math Geek says:

    If anyone’s wondering, Combo score is:

    6d x d

    d=# of dots in the combo.

    500 dots is 1,750,000 points.
    1,000 dots is 6,000,000
    1,500 dots is 13,500,000
    2,000 dots is 24,000,000
    5,000 dots is 150,000,000

    Beating the high score on game center of 628,684,328 needs a combo of at least 10,237 dots. Good luck peoples.

    (You also get points for getting power-ups and killing dots.)

  25. Someone says:

    @Math Geek: Be more specififc.


    5 = 150

    20 = 2,400

    42 = 10,584

    100 = 60,000

    213 = 272,214

    300 = 540,000

    500 = 1,500,000 (The calculator does not lie)

    700 = 2,940,000

    1000 = 6,000,000

    1337 = 10,725,414


    Nuke = 3

    Currently nameless purple wave thingie = 5

    Cluster Missles = 10

    Ice Blast = 8

    Bubble Shield = 10

    Vortex = 10

    Spike Shield = 10

    Lightning = 6

    Burnicade = 2,000 – what? Seriously? Is this on purpose?

    Perforator = 3

    Killing dots = 10


    Classic x Chuck Norris


    4 lives (Not 3)

    Time = time

    Game Center measures in seconds

    Green orb = 5 seconds.

    Blue orb = 10 seconds.

    Difficulty maxes at about 6 minutes.


    1 point/dot x multiplier.

    Burnicade = 0 points


    10 points/dot x multiplier.

    Perforator = 3 points.


    Green orb = 50 points

    Blue orb = 150 points

    When a green orb is hit, all others will turn blue for 5 seconds.

    1 life.

  26. Math Geek says:


    How did you get 150,000 points for 500 dots? What formula are you using?

    And the Burnicade in Frostbite gives a helluva lot of points.

  27. Someone says:

    @Math Geek: Not 150,000. 1,500,000. The calculator does not lie. And if you don’t hit anything with the Burnicade, there’s no points.

  28. vivictor says:

    i’m crazy about the weapons ,and i hope more and more weapons can be released

  29. TTL Adict says:

    I’ve had a weapon idea. You could have a “magnet” powerup which changes from red to blue every x (5?) seconds. Red means anything within a certain radius is pulled towards the centre (like the black hole), and blue pushes everything away. This is good to give you either breathing room or to clump them together to kill loads at once. It’d also involve timing so you don’t get the wrong one in the wrong situation.

    Even as I’m typing this I’ve got another idea. You could have a classic-style gamemode using these powerups, and the walls are also magnetized but also affect you. The “polarity” of the walls could also switch to give an extra challenge.

  30. Math Geek says:

    Yeah, you’re right.

    And you know using the burnicade gets you points. Not killing with it.

  31. Mattm73 says:

    Hello guys, ithink this is a good idea, but if tilt to live is going to make this update(what in my opinion should b a great idea) you got to take the israel name out(no offense to israeli), like if you put TILT TO LIVE:THUNDER the name would b better.

    When i looked that poster i could not believe that one man left was going to do another update! I think you guys should do it.

    Thanks, Matt

  32. Shoe says:

    The whole Israeli Thunder thing is just a joke. Adam says this in comment three: “I’m proud to work at a company where that is a legitimate question. But to be clear: it’s a spoof.”

    Sorry man I’m dying to know what they are planning next too. 🙂

  33. woofferz says:

    where can i find international high scores?
    i got 78 mil, my friend has 80 mil 😛

  34. Imhungry4eva says:

    I don’t know but that TTL Addict guy has the best ideas, i swear. Personally every single update improves the game. so in addition any update (preferably involoving new pickups) would be ideal or somewhat pleasing. Think about it?

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