Announcing the Release of the Trailer Announcing the Impending Release of Viva la Coop! Also Gameplay Footage.


I didn’t leave much to write about in the post. ¡Viva la Coop! for iPhone/iTouch is submitted as of yesterday, so pending approval you can expect it by the end of this month.

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32 responses to “Announcing the Release of the Trailer Announcing the Impending Release of Viva la Coop! Also Gameplay Footage.”

  1. Someone says:

    I don’t know any Erics. Can you help me find one?

  2. Avenged110 says:

    lol ^

    can’t wait! Apple needs to hurry up!

  3. Solan says:

    Man, I wish I had an Eric. Still, it looks awesome guys!

  4. Ira1017 says:

    Does the black arrow ever get to go in the turret?

  5. Ira1017 says:

    do you choose which arrow you are?

    • Alex says:

      @ira1017 yes the black arrow can use the turret and you can choose which arrow you are. Whoever hosts the game is always white and the joinee is always black.

  6. Sarion says:

    Very good news, can’t wait no longer. lol

  7. Me says:

    lol at lonely arrow xD

  8. EPro says:

    I’m Eric. I feel special.

  9. Jarod says:

    Wish this was online, not just local. As I said on Facebook, the trailer does look good.

  10. Russell Ladd says:

    The trailer is hysterical! I can’t wait for the game.

  11. im2cre8iv says:

    why don’t you ever realease iPhone & iPad versions at the same time?

  12. Someone says:

    @im2cre8iv: Because that would be the same as delaying the iPhone version. You don’t want that, do you?

  13. im2cre8iv says:

    @Someone: I only have an iPad. But I know that both the iPad, iPOod Touch, and iPhone use the same OS, so I can’t see what causes the delay. Is it just the screen size difference? I know there are waves of enemies for the iPad since the extra screen space makes it supposedly “too easy”, but just can’t see why it takes the extra time. Not complaining, but as a developer, just am genuinely interested in why they choose to have separate releases

  14. 0bsidianlink says:

    I saw this comment on the trailer at ign, and I decided that it deserved to go here:

    “seems kinda racist, the black arrow does all the work, while the white one has all the fun.”


  15. Someone says:

    @im2cre8iv: Because the HD one takes extra work because of the graphics, screen size, and tweaked gameplay, so it takes more time. They do the iPhone first because more people have iPhones/iPod touches than iPads. And doing the iPad first would take longer than doing the iPhone first. So they submit it the moment they’re done. If I were a developer, I would do the same thing.

    @0bsidianlink: There is one scene where the black one is in the turret. Whoever gets to the turret first is in the turret. The other is forced to be the one who picks up everything.

    Glad we cleared that up.

  16. Ira1017 says:

    looks awesome! poster please?

  17. Ira1017 says:

    what happens when one arrow dies?

  18. Someone says:

    @Ira1017: The game ends. It’s impossible to play with one in the co-op mode. Well, you can, but you won’t get very many points. So, the other arrow commits suicide out of loneliness. Simple as that.

  19. 0bsidianlink says:

    Ummmm I already knew that. I was just re-posting a comment that was on ign. if you had actually read the post you’d see that I never said that was MY comment….

    Glad we cleared that up.

  20. Someone says:

    So many clear things. Soon the entire world will be invisible and we will keep bumping into things. And we’d all look like we have no clothes on because they’re invisible. And the whole planet would be invisible and we’d look like we’re floating. So we’d be a bunch of naked people with bruises floating everywhere… I need to stop thinking. It’s creepy.

  21. solan says:

    @someone What ever you’re smoking right now, I suggest that you stop it.

  22. Someone says:

    @solan: *Whatever. It’s one word. You’re emberrassing the planet. What will the aliens think of us now?

  23. Sarion says:

    I want to know what is the exact date this update will be released…

  24. Adam says:

    @Sarion: Us too. It’s getting down to the wire again. We’ve submitted to Apple, so all we know is it’s closer today than it was yesterday.

  25. Sarion says:

    @Adam: I see. But I still hope it can be released on 24th Feb. which is birthday for fantastic TtL. I love this game. Thank you for your hard work.

  26. Gies says:

    Hey one man left, gongratz! I love the game and i can’t wait for this multiplayer mode! Thanx! :d

  27. Arvin says:

    Will we ever get to play multiplayer through Gamecenter online? :O

  28. Someone says:

    “Coming really soon. Or rejected by Apple.” How encouraging.

    P. S. Happy birthday… Er… Tilt to Live. I didn’t get a present, sorry.

  29. Sarion says:

    Happy birthday!I’m still waiting for the update. T_T

  30. lloyd says:

    Happy B’day, here’s to another year of great success, strictly speaking. 😀

  31. Me says:

    Well happy birthday to Tilt To Live a bit late but i was to occuped by beating my old score I didn’t had inought time to post a comment >.<
    So I wanted to ask is there a way to contact the creators to incrase the fun of playing TTL by giving our opinions of what should change or even new ideas because i have two ideas that could be good (i think they are good but we are never sure at 100%)!
    To finis i would like to thanks one man left studios for this great game!!!

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