Frostbite in July = Irony


After a month of teasing and delaying, it’s finally time to share the details of Tilt to Live’s upcoming Frostbite update. This is all still in development, so the specifics are being tweaked and balanced as I write this post, but here’s the big picture:

Frostbite Mode

This new gametype will transport you to a winter wonderland. One where all the dots rain pre-frozen from the heavens, gift-wrapped and ready to die. Because in Frostbite land every day is Christmas, or Hanukkah, or Muslim Christmas. But here’s the catch: Those frozen dots are falling towards that steamy hot spring at your feet. If my high school education serves me: frozen dot + steamy hot spring = thawed dot! And in an arena marred by an unfortunate weapon shortage, thawed dots spell big trouble. Looks like you’ve got some thorough shattering to do.

Luckily, a weapon shortage is not a weapon drought. And the pickup we’re tossing you every-so-often just happens to be the perfect safety net for a dot blizzard.

Meet the Burnicade

Intuitively enough, the new burnicade pickup will engulf your cursor in a burst of hellish flames, launching you across the arena in a blaze of glory. But the real payoff is the barricade of burning justice you’ll leave in your wake. This fire is deadly to dots, but not to you, because we think there are already quite enough things trying to kill you.

As you can imagine, the burnicade will be a rare sigh of relief in Frostbite mode. And because it’s built into the rules of that gametype, this weapon will be available in Frostbite from the moment you update/install the game. If you want to play with fire in Classic or Code Red, though, we suggest you work on your AGON PocketScore. The burnicade will be the next unlockable weapon beyond the Lightning shield.

And that’s the news, boys and girls. Frostbite and the burnicade will be giving your iDevice hot flashes in July.

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25 responses to “Frostbite in July = Irony”

  1. Where is GameCenter?! says:

    That’s great to hear! I’m very much so excited. Now if only you’d add GameCenter support or at least promise towards it.

  2. AlonzoWK says:

    But what about the iPad?

  3. Ryan Toyota says:

    Does it support fast app switching? Strangely, I kinda hope it doesn’t, as I will miss the hilarious loading screens. 🙁

    Perhaps there could be an option to display the hilarious loading screen messages between games?

    I am looking forward to a new game mode though. I’ve become addicted to this game lately. Love it!

  4. thegamerocks06 says:

    Oh, how I love the irony!

  5. Chris says:

    Is the Burnicade going to be an unlockable weapon in Classic mode? Because that would be awesome and would add a lot of strategy.

  6. Chris says:

    Oops, guess I posted before I read the rest of the article. Silly me!

  7. TiltFan says:

    You definitely gotta up the resolution for the retina display and allow fast app switching!

    I’m playing this game so much it’s not even funny, I’ve also got many of my friends hooked!

    Keep up the excellent work and get with the program with iOS4!! 😉

  8. TheOddOne says:

    Awesome new mode. I hope there’s new funny achievements! The tongue-in-and-out-of-cheek humor always makes me smile.

    I’m still waiting and hoping for multiplayer! One person as arrow, other as dots (with some sort of gesture system or button UI), trying to live longest or something.

    I also look forward to Burnicade awesomeness!!

  9. Live to Tilt says:

    When in JULY? I can’t handle the suspense! There also needs to be a reward for unlocking every acheivement. Acheivements are what keeps me playing and I’m almost done unlocking.

  10. Alex says:

    I do hope the loading screens are preserved somehow, they are one of my favorite parts. Frostbite mode looks awesome! A really interesting design I can’t wait to see how it plays.


  11. Panic says:

    This is by far one of the best iPhone games I’ve ever played. I can’t wait for future updates, and also what else you guys will have to offer. Keep up the good work.

  12. Swayke says:

    Please include support for the retina display (including updated icon) in the next update.

    Other than that… thanks for the regular updates to an already fantastic game.

  13. Justin S. says:

    Darn! I saw the update and thought it was the new modes! xD

  14. Gennaro says:

    @Justin S. Haha. Same with me.

  15. marcom says:

    when will be the update with the new weapons and the other mode??
    The update works with iphone 3g ? i hope

    pd: i love the game

  16. Jake says:

    Please consider adding Co-op where you can play with a friend not just some random person but randoms if you have friends that would be so cool. And with iOS4 you could talk while polaying with your friend!

  17. Misha says:

    It sounds just lovely, and I can see that you’ve already got the leaderboards up and running, because when I go there, there’s a button labeled “Frostbite”, and when I click on it, it goes into an infinite hellish loop of trying to find the boards. Kind of annoying. No more clicking on that until frostbite is actually available.

  18. Mor says:

    Looking forward to this update, maybe this will fix the bug I get after the promo of one man left. Please fix this.

  19. a man in asia says:

    I love this game, this is my favorite game on iphone:D

  20. Pooky W says:

    Hey, seems the 100+ dots with a lightning strike doesn’t work. I rack up 150 combos with a lightning strike without going NEAR any other weapons, but to no avail.
    It’d also be cool to have achievements that have something to do with “herding”. Like maybe “kill 100 dots with one nuke”.

  21. […] to rationalize just about any game design decision. Hell, I somehow managed to rationalize that our new power up for Tilt to Live have a screeching hawk sound effect. Bad idea? You’ll have to wait and […]

  22. Striek says:

    “Frostbite in July = Irony”

    Ummmm. In the southern hemisphere “Frostbite in July = Apt”

    My top 3 iOS games of all time in no order: Space Miner: Space Ore Bust, Plants vs Zombies and TILT TO LIVE. And of those, Tilt to Live would have to be the most addictive and most value. LOVE IT.

  23. frenchy says:

    looks absolutely amazing!
    can’t wait for the update now, must have eagerly checked the app store at least twice a day this month for the update! haha

    I’ll try and get #1 in the UK for frostbite mode as well 😉

  24. frenchy says:

    also, it would be cool if on the Leaderboards, there was an option to see your Country as well as “World” & “Nearby”
    at the moment as far as I know, the only way to find out where you stand in relation to your fellow countrymen is if you get in either the top 10, or rank #1, then it shows on your profile?

  25. Martin says:

    Hello All

    By the way GREAT game but in the frost mode i would Like to have a chance of getting a new green sheild cause when the first one is gone it’s harder to get a pot of iced dots and you need to hit them very pricise

    Best regards martin