Tutorial Update


After a lot of hard work, we’re proud to release the tutorial update for Hex Gambit! Now you can┬álearn the basics without reading walls of text in PDFs. This latest update puts us in the home stretch of development. We’ll be looking at the game from every angle in the coming weeks, polishing up the experience, implementing missing visual FX, and getting everything ready for launch on Steam. We’re almost there!


  • Interactive Tutorial Mode! No more dinky PDF links
  • AP tokens pop out of characters as you spend them


  • Lots of new audio for UI and minions
  • Turn banner now auto-dismisses
  • Improvements to AI behavior when they have 0 AP but still have actions left.
  • Salvador’s AI now protects units properly
  • Many minor bug fixes

Known issue: Adam is revamping the stadium for online play, so some of the arena visuals are weird-looking this update due to the transition.

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