Calm down! The Pacifist is here.


Big day for Hex Gambit Early Access: all seven launch minions are live! With the addition of the Pacifist today, you now have 21 different combinations of minions to use on your team, times six unlockable Captain’s Ultimates to choose from. You can carefully customize your tactics to taste, or go nuts and randomize your loadout every match.

Like the Sniper before her, our Pacifist is launching sans sound effects but fully functional. Infectious love and generosity are her specialties! Use her to nullify your threats and to block late game pillar taps.

  1. Pacify: Don’t like what’s headed your way? Pacify it to disable tapping and specials for 1 turn. But be warned: this move’s cooldown is a window for revenge.
  2. Donate: At 8HP, the Pacifist is Hex Gambit’s most durable unit. Lucky for her teammates, she’s also our most generous! She can give up to 3HP per turn to injured comrades.
  3. Pillar Guard (Need 7 VP): Stand next to either friendly pillar to make it untappable.

Another big change this update: a better Motivator! Shout is now free with a 1 turn cooldown, and Intimidate now strips buffs from its targets. That means it removes shields and overwrites Inspire. Inspiration will resume once the Intimidate clears, but those shields are gone for good. Enjoy!


  • New Unit: The Pacifist! A master of not fighting.
  • Sniper’s audio has been added
  • Sniper HP reduced to 3 (from 4)
  • The Sniper’s Tapping Round no longer counts as his pillar tap for the turn. You can do both.
  • Motivator Intimidate buffed: same as before, but now also strips any buffs on the target.
  • Motivator’s Shout now costs 0 AP, with a 1 turn cooldown


  • Sniper’s longshot is now blocked by blockades as intended
  • Sniper’s longshot now works properly when hypnotized by Lolli

Check back weekly for more progress on our upcoming turn-based strategy game, Hex Gambit. Buy a copy today to save 10% on our $14.99 launch price, and give us some feedback to help shape the final product! If you haven’t already, be sure to sign up for our mailing list to get an email reminder for the official release on PC later this year.

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