Outwitters 2v2 Update


Outwitters IconIn an overdue effort to keep things balanced in the land of Outwitters, 2v2 has been updated with a first-turn advantage fix similar to our 1v1 rules. This solution addresses the concern that when second player takes their turn, their team starts 5 wits behind first player and plays catchup. The new way this works is:

  • Team 1 gets 5 wits.
  • Team 2 gets 7 wits (starting 5 wits behind, but ending the turn 2 wits ahead).
  • Team 1 gets 5 wits (starting 2 wits behind, ending 3 ahead).
  • Team 2 gets 6 wits (starting 3 wits behind, ending 3 wits ahead).
  • From here, all players get 5 wits at the start of each turn.

If all this sounds odd to you, know that it sounded weird to us too when the concept was first introduced on our forums. With this tweak, each player starts their turn playing catchup on wits, but gets to end it a little bit ahead of the person before them.

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5 responses to “Outwitters 2v2 Update”

  1. TheQwertiest says:

    finally! thanks A&A

  2. diversionArchitect says:

    I really like this change! Looks really good!

  3. WiseGuy6789 says:

    Just a suggestion for next update. I think a message feature would top off this already cool game. Like how the chat box works inside the game, a message feature of that manner on the home screen.

  4. {TATTII} says:

    I agree with WiseGuy6789.
    That would be a pretty cool feature!

  5. AK says:

    Plz make Outwitters for android plz!!!!!

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