Outwitters 1.6.1 Update and Bramble


Outwitters 1.6.1 is out! Players are loving the new maps with the release of the 2nd gen maps in our previous update. Then they realized the new maps weren’t coming up in league play. Oops! This update fixes that. The new map pack should now start appearing in league matches.

On the topic of the recent Bramble buff, we’ve been listening to feedback and watching match outcomes in aggregate. With most drastic changes to unit abilities or gameplay rules,  we see a slight upswing in favor of the new ability as players are typically faster at learning how to use the ability offensively than they are at defending against it. Defensive strategies tend to lag behind any metagame changes as players slowly adapt new tactics and let go of old ones that no longer work. While we do think the new Bramble is strong, we aren’t 100% sure if it is broken or a matter of the metagame lagging behind. We would like for the Bramble change to run it’s course through this weekend, and come next week we’ll look at the data and feedback and adjust from there. We do appreciate our player’s patience and support as we work towards a more balanced game!

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  1. The Cozyhut says:

    You put down the bramble conspiracy from the forums quite nicely just then. What I really want to know though is this: Have the ads been bringing in a decent amount of dough?

  2. Calchas says:

    Another option to balance the bramble would be to give the opponent one action point for each bramble they kill as a result of killing its parent

  3. Renz says:

    The only problem I’m having now with bramble is the replays. :s Other than that, I’m really starting to think the new bramble is fine. Once I suspect a veggie player has produced bramble, I’ve seen one stategy that’s worked for me (and allowed me to overcome my opponent): use a combination of heavies and snipers, and perhaps one or two medics. :)

    Just remember that using bramble can cost a lot of wits too, wits that could have been used to produce units instead of thorn patches. Take advantage of this + stack up on heavies and snipers, and you should be fine against the new bramble :)

    And come to think of it… The other special units like bombshell and scrambler can be equally annoying. Just my opinion :)

  4. Noukkie says:

    Ballance suggestion:
    Create an animation for the vine that is creating a new vine. This will make the bramble more easy to take apart, IF you have good scouting.

    Other attributes can stay the same…

  5. Icyjoe says:

    . Any match where the new bramble takes the field is incredibly boring and tedious. I will usually forfeit matches simply because I don’t feel like taking 50 turns to finish the game.

  6. pops.99 says:

    Heard this idea: buff Scrambler so when they scramble a unit, the HP goes max to 3, but cannot be healed.

    As for strategy against the bramble, I agree on heavies and snipers.

  7. Chad says:

    Bramble looses again what? Could it be?


  8. Whippy says:

    What’s wrong with simply making bramble vines cost 2 wits?

    I see that as the simplest solution.

  9. Esteban says:

    Even if the Bramble overpowered, and I still think they are, games against (or with) the Bramble are not fun. It’s a different game. I miss pre Bramble outwitters.

  10. Jason says:

    I’m not a fan of the Bramble. It limits the direction the game is going to go, so it limits the fun. Even if you considered it balanced (which I do not), it’s really annoying. I would strongly prefer to see it changed drastically or replaced altogether.

  11. Renz says:


    Just one of the few reasons why I think bramble’s just fine. I stuck with heavies and a few snipers and I won against bramble.

    I hope people give the new bramble a chance. They’re actually fun to use AND fight against! :D

    P.S. Of course the same strategy I’ve mentioned isn’t a 100% counter against bramble… but there isn’t supposed to be such a thing as a perfect counter…otherwise the game wouldn’t be fun altogether.

  12. Johehan says:

    I actually dislike bombshell more than the new Bramble. A couple of bombshells protected with soldiers also force a very limited defensive dragged out game that is even more boring than fighting off thorns (which is starting to be more and more fun when learning new strategies). The biggest reason bombshells don’t ruin the game for me is that masters and titans don’t seem to use them much so I rarely have to endure such games anymore.

  13. Johehan says:

    Also the feedbacks should get a little buff in my opinion, I always have a hard time when trying to use them and have pretty much given up on them. Maybe an extra hp for the scrambler would do it?

  14. TM says:

    The new bramble is completely out of hand.

  15. Chad says:

    Yes perhaps the solution to squash the complaints is to now buff another team like scrambler/feed backs brain dude. I never play them (which is why I don’t know name) because the special is too weak.

    I agree on bombshell. I’ve found myself risking all to kill one ASAP or face a out of hand game.

    Bramble needs another week of testing IMHO. People are now learning how to fight him and perhaps it is finally balanced after all. There are always annoying ways to use a special and that gets filtered out as you rank. It is frustrating playing a game you know you have the upper hand on but just have to hack through plants to win. But this is a different issue … long live the plants!

  16. Supa says:

    The problem with bramble is he can move the distance of field in no time. Limit his movement to just two spaces at a time. That is he can plant one vine 2 spaces away and no more vines after that one outside of two spaces. Also let scouts see past them !

  17. $mittyDawg says:

    The new bramble is fine. It’s the bombshell that ruins the games!

  18. Lamolly says:

    I’m a veggienaut buff. The bramble has finally achieved equilibrium with the other specials. So I get how that challenge will irk other players who can’t adapt. It’s new hit points mean it can actually be defensive. And the pricking ability mean it isn’t inert. Big cheers.

  19. Bahnhof says:

    Evolve or die. The new Bramble is fine.

  20. Bahnhof says:

    Every special has a very accessible weakness. Sometimes this depends on which race you’re using. Sometimes it’s just paper rock scissors and you have to play the game you’re dealt.

  21. Lorenzo says:

    Bramble can move quickly across the map. Agreed. BUT you have to remember, the trade off for that is that it woul cost a lot of wits that could have gone to producing units instead.

    And it’s completely pointless to allow scouts to see past thorn patches because that would defeat the purpose of their being for defence…

    Take some time to think about the new bramble, and please just leave it alone. It’s fine.

  22. Panga Panga says:

    Vines are painful because they make a game last forever. They aren’t insurmountable, they’re just boring, and unfortunately you put that boring into a game.

  23. JoYoHo says:

    I really enjoy the new powers that has been added to the bramble. People are complaining way much. Yes. We all know the bramble can get quite annoying but if I can defeat one myself, I am pretty sure anyone could because I am positive I have way more losses then wins. Suck it up and enjoy it.

  24. joasae says:

    I’m surprised that Bramble can build root systems over holes in the ground. That is too big an advantage (and strange) according to me.

  25. Lorenzo says:

    Boring is when a pumped up bombshell forces a standstill.

    But ultimately, boring is when a player is unable to adapt new strategies, loses to updates such as the new bramble, and baby-whines about it.

  26. Johehan says:

    Yes, bramble disregarding holes feels more like a bug to me and makes it needlessly hard to cut them off on some maps. Should definitely be fixed.

  27. zyberius says:

    Rather than brambles being “parent / child”, how about making them contiguous? Also, I don’t think that having a bramble in front of you should fog your view. Units should be able to see over the bramble.

  28. Put down says:

    And, rather than maturely debate a situation, arrogant people tend to use terms like ‘baby-whine’ to put down people who don’t agree with them.

  29. Anonymous says:

    One attack per round via a bramble is a good idea

  30. Nicolas says:

    What? Bramble vines costs just 1 wit? Really??? Are u kiding me???

  31. OneSLice says:

    Bramble is fine, it’s finally able to hold its own and actually be worth somthing, unlike bombshell, which has been OP since day one bc it’s too difficult to break the defenses AND kill the bombshell, but I digress, I like the new bramble, both playing as, and playing against, people just need to learn how to defend it, it’s not OP just new!

  32. Elmouchas says:

    Just to point out a small issue I encountered many times :

    Chat not sending messages all the time
    I notice that sometime my chat messages aren’t sent
    when I check the game after sending one, there’s no message.

    I notice it’s happens more often when I write a message after I send my turn.
    But in both situation, some messages doesn’t reach their purpose

    Ps; sorry for my poor English, it’s not my first language.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Did those people fighting brambles happen to be facing two? It’s so cheap to build vies. It’s like allowing u to build 4 seahorse a while still being able to build a soldier…seriously?!

  34. Anonymous says:

    3hp for each vine!?!?!???? You sniper or heavy is dead after killing just one!

  35. Anonymous says:

    For those complaint against bombshell maybe allow it to shoot every other round?

  36. Supa says:

    Bramble in the hands of a skilled player can be at your base and cover your spawn points in one round on small maps. That makes other players play defence straight up which will put off many new players ! Don’t allow bramble to cover important spots or unmovable spots plus have less hit points as well.

  37. Anonymous says:

    New bramble has taken some fun out of the game…js

  38. Swan says:

    Outwitters rules! I love the game👾🎮

  39. Ratro says:


  40. Gametimebrizzle says:

    New Bramble is gettin REALLY OLD!

  41. kRaZyXmAn says:

    Could you change the 4-5 day turn limit to like 3 days instead? 4-5 days is pretty long to be afk.

  42. Suspended says:

    I’m suspending all bramble opponent games until the bramble issue is fixed. It is getting SUPER old!

  43. Mark says:

    Bramble games are very tedious. It wouldn’t be that big of an issue but it seems every opponent is using them. The game is not as fun.

  44. Kevinement says:

    I started playing after bramble was changed. He doesn’t seem to be OP. Bramble games usually take longer and can be kinda tedious but my strategy which is to make lots of soldiers and a couple of snipers seems to work quite well. I think bramble is fine as he is even if he can be really annoying sometimes.

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