A Test of Finesse


Touch Arcade was kind enough to host our announcement for the new game modes we have planned in our April update!


Run the Gauntlet to put your precision tilting skills to the test! In Gauntlet mode, players compete for the longest survival time rather than highscores or combos. Enemies waves will no longer relentlessly chase you. Instead, the dots work together to form an increasingly difficult treadmill course of smashers, battle axes, windmills, and more. It’s an entirely new gameplay experience! The difficulty curve will be comparable to our original gametype, a crescendo from manageable to kick-your-butt.

Code Red

Rather than guiding players along a polite difficulty curve, we’re chucking them off a difficulty cliff with Code Red mode. This gametype is best described as “Classic mode on crack”. Everything from Classic is there, but the red dots will spawn at their highest intensity right from the start. It’s tailor-made for experienced players that “just wanna get to the good part”, without enduring the buildup.

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15 responses to “A Test of Finesse”

  1. Tony says:


    Gamemodes was the only major thing I felt was missing from TtL. Now that they are here, the game is even more amazing =D

    Thank you!

    Also!(In case you don’t already know :P)
    #10 in Arcade Games!

    #12 in Action Games!

    #25 in overall Top Games!

    #42 in overall Top Apps!



  2. thegamerocks06 says:

    If this game was a girl, I’d marry it!

  3. cdd123435 says:

    great game, im #1 in fort collins, but thats cuz no one else has it.

  4. Arnaud says:

    F*ck yeah for the Code Red Mode ! I was expecting something like that (thought you might think about it, since it’s an available option in Minigore).

    Keep up the good work, Tilt to Live is definitely one of the best iPhone game !

  5. 107proof says:

    Are these going to be free updates or are they available for in app purchase? Thanks.

  6. Alex says:

    The April update will be a free update.

  7. Ryan says:

    Dude. Code red ftw.

  8. jayz says:

    lol i wonder if the app store will allow the description to be “classic mode on crack” cuz doesnt that violate some drug reference rule or something

  9. Bahn says:

    cannot wait !!! 😀

  10. Greg says:

    I’m absolutely, completely addicted to your game. Thank you for everything. I can’t wait for the update.

    Still only in the 200s (7M points high score) as far as ranking.

    Are there any good strategy guides? I have to reach 10M…

  11. Tony says:

    Ha! I just bet your top score in your screenshot 😉
    baker_tony, top of London, UK… for now 😉
    Man I LOVE this game! I’m worried though, I just HAVE to keep playing, just ONE MORE TIME!!!!

  12. Blake says:

    Omfg. With this update this will be one of- if not the- best game in the app store. Keep up the awesome work you guys!

  13. Sam says:

    What happened to the star rated combo with the “So Inclined” and “Leanin’ Mean”?

  14. fi2o says:

    Woot happened to the update???

  15. Paul says:

    It’s been delayed due to the fact that the authors of the game submitted it a little behind schedule, but hopefully it’ll be released before Tuesday because I can’t wait to try out the other modes. I’m ranked 18th (last time I checked) with 32.9 million score in the world 🙂 I’m Parsimony. Also, is there a way to check out my ranking in the US? It keeps stating I was top ten in the US, even when I got my 18 million score…