Outwitters 1.2 – The Veggienauts Have Arrived


The Outwitters 1.2 should be hitting your device in the next few hours. Here’s what you can expect in this update:

The Veggienauts Team Pack:

  • Includes a new special unit, two new 1v1 maps, and a new 2v2 map.
  • Free for those who purchased the über pack!

Also New:

  • Base avatars are available in the store. You can change them in your profile.
  • Player 2 now starts with 8 wits to counter the advantage of going first.
  • You now get a bonus wit for each enemy you kill.
  • Spawn menus have become prettier.


  • Mobi shows up in replays when used within the fog of war.
  • Fixed issue with local data cache growing to very large sizes.
  • Fixed issue with re-installing causing users to be locked out of on-going games.
  • Other numerous bugs and performance improvements.

We’ve tested these changes with a small group of beta testers, and hit a point where we’re confident enough to release it into the wild. We’ll be closely monitoring the live server, and making adjustments if something comes up balance-wise with the Veggienauts or any of the new gameplay changes.

What’s Next?

We’ve got another update already pretty far in the pipeline that’ll bring iPhone 5 native resolution support.

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22 responses to “Outwitters 1.2 – The Veggienauts Have Arrived”

  1. Tari says:

    Good job looks really nice
    good idea with the bases. now those of us who love this game can give you money for future updates
    Thank you

  2. Outwitters will outperform says:

    It’s live!

  3. Tari says:

    if I press on a root it says that it is scrambler

  4. Gougoun says:

    Thanks guys ! The Veggienaults are great

  5. Alon says:

    OK Veggienauts let’s kill that’s car bar.

  6. Riptor says:

    Yeah, a beautiful update to my favorite game 🙂
    New team is awesone but seems not simple to play

    Just a négative point, new skins base are in my opinion too expensive…
    Half less, i would buy a new skin for each team 🙁

  7. Mario says:

    That’s a great update. I love the system with +1 wit for a kill.

    An the game ist really fast now! A really good performance improvement.

    That player two starts with more wits, it’s more fair.

    Haven’t play the new team, but i look forward to.

    The blurry background in the spawn menu it’s not so good.

    I don’t need and don’t want the new skins, but i think i buy some of them for supporting your great work.

    I’m looking forward to the iPhone 5 native resolution support.

  8. Liani says:

    I don’t like that the your wits number goes blurry when you are spawning new characters. I end up having to get out to see how much I have and come back in. Also, the one wit bonus for each kill changes the game completely! I had my strategies all worked out for each board, this changes everything!! Seems like I will just have to get used to the game all over again. The 8 wits bonus for the second player also makes things a lot different. You can spawn the pack special character on the first turn, which ends up giving the second player the advantage. Love it when I am second, sucks when I am not!

  9. Liani says:

    I also did not know that when you unplanted the bramble to move it to a new spot, all of the vines you had made go away! Haha although I am mostly complaining, I must say I do love this game and its updates it is just going to take some getting used to

  10. Bartimaeus says:

    thanks guys

    i was wondering, is an update for tilt to live on it’s way or even still in the making?

  11. Johehan says:

    Nice that the update is finally here! Can’t wait to try out the new team, and the optimizations really show! And great that there is some new stuff to buy, went ahead and bought a couple of avatars right away!

    Not so nice that the rules were changed mid-game though, had just launched an attack, and in the counter the other player gained 5 (!) wits which I hadn’t really counted on 😉

    Not sure what I think about the rule changes yet, time will tell. What was the thought behind +1 wit for a kill? To speed up the game? It really changes things for sure!

  12. Darcy says:

    Thanks a buch for the update!
    I always thought, but would yield slower points accrual, that instead of more wits, player 2 gets one last turn if their base was destroyed, so both players get equal number of turns always. A draw means a better player gets no points (because they should be better than that!) while a worse player gets ages points for forcing a draw.
    1 wit per kill makes the game faster and more aggressive, nice work!

  13. Duffman says:

    I think that the rule for the second player seriously unbalance the game. Btw I never had any issue by being the second player

  14. Anonymous says:

    I till dont understand how walls can stop roots

  15. Mario says:

    @Duffman Particularly in Foundry and Glitch the first player could have a big advantage.

  16. Jliu714 says:

    If you tap on one of the Bramble’s vine thing, it says it’s a scrambler.

  17. Anonymous says:

    lol walls can stop roots but roots can pass over (or under?) holes.

  18. Duffman says:

    And Base avatars are very expensive. 1,79€ each. It should be half or the price for the whole base avatar package.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Why don’t you make the base skins cheaper! 2.99 to start then to move it down to 1.79 like that’s still alot I could buy a team pack for that much and the skins do nothing useful maybe make one have 7 health for 75. Cents and one 10 health! For 1.00 more people would buy and yet benifitimg them and there needs or just make each 7 health the. The other 6 health just do something with them to make them worth paying for

  20. Uncle moofis says:

    Noticed a bug. When invited to a 4 player game and teammate picks veggies twice now it has shown at the team select screen that they were using scallywags. Both times i figured, well they are using scallywags, i will use veggies then once i get in game we are both veggies.

  21. MUFASA says:

    Great update I love it! Just a few suggestions:
    It’s kinda annoying when I want to remove only 1 root, I have to bring bramble up and get rid of all of them! Make it possible to remove 1 at a time.
    When I went to look at the base avatars, I got really excited. But then I saw the price. 1.99? I mean c’mon! That is really high. If you lowered it to 1 dollar each or 1 dollar for 2, then I might buy some.
    For the player going second, maybe give 6 or 7 wits? Idk.
    I love the update, the new team and bramble, the new spawning menu and the blurry backdrop, and the new maps! Well done!

  22. TofuBot says:

    Anyone else having an issue with played turns popping back up as unplayed? I’ve sent the same turn at least 5 times already and the game keeps popping back in my queue saying that it’s still my turn. I tried force quitting the game and everything. I also sent a message to the other player to see if it actually went through on their end but I haven’t heard back yet.

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