• Test your mettle online in 1v1, or join a friend for 2v2 co-op
  • Choose your 5 favorite minions to customize your roster, 21 combinations to choose from!
  • Six unlockable captains
  • Join a faction in our community-wide turf war: the Apex Cup
  • Earn trophies and rack up wins in your quest to become a Grand Master
  • Transition seamlessly between real-time and asynchronous play online

Coming Next to Early Access:

  • Battle the AI in single player mode.

Hex Gambit Characters

In a world called Agon, the sharpest strategic minds command squads of expendable automatons in an explosive arena sport called Hex Gambit.

Hex Gambit is a fresh take on turn-based strategy! From the crowdsurfing mechanic you use to get around the board to the versatility of our minions’ moves, the game is designed to empower creativity at every turn. Battles only take around 15 minutes for experienced players. Put your wits to the test in the Apex Cup, a competitive league that divides our entire community into three factions for a massive territory control metagame.

Our checkers-inspired movement mechanic, called crowdsurfing, makes getting around the board a fun puzzle in and of itself. All minions can bounce off the head of any neighboring unit to land on the opposite side, and that’s chainable if a bunch of characters are standing in a line. What would be a traffic jam in most TBS games becomes a wealth of options in Hex Gambit.

Before each match, you’ll choose a squad of 5 minion classes and 1 captain, who packs a unique Ultimate that can help you out of a tough situation. There will be 7 minion types to choose from on launch day for 21 team combinations, times 6 captains. More minions are planned as post-launch DLC to increase that variety exponentially.

A quick setup phase cuts right to the action: arrange some starter minions however you like on your side of the map. Victory Points are awarded for minion kills, and for each time you can “tap” a crystal pillar on the hostile side of the map. First to 10VP wins.

The heart of Hex Gambit is our competitive league play, the Apex Cup. Each month, all of Hex Gambit’s players choose a faction and face off in a community-wide turf war. Points you earn in league matches, win or lose, help your team seize territory on the Summit. Trophies are awarded to all members of the winning faction each season, and to the top performers on each team.

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