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Pekaboo incredibly often. Some help with strategy?
08-04-2012, 01:03 AM
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Pekaboo incredibly often. Some help with strategy?
Hi all,

I've been encountering players who complain just at the beginning of a Pekaboo match ("this map again..") and that stuff, so I started to pay attention and yes, it seems to appear surprisingly often. Now I have like 14-15 games, and 7 are Pekaboo (and just finished 2 more few minutes ago). I'm not creating games in a row or something, I always keep some time before creating another one.

The thing is that ironically, it's the only map in which I don't have any strategy to follow, just an opener movement and then "let's see". So I'd like some advice or little guidance in this map, because I'm playing it annoyingly often and I think that with more "control" over it it would be less annoying and more exciting like the other maps.

Thanks in advance Smile
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08-04-2012, 01:32 AM
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RE: Pekaboo incredibly often. Some help with strategy?
Preset strategy isnt going to work too well.

In *GENERAL* you want to attack on the left, and defend on the right because that is where the spawns are However, its often possible for a prepared opponent to defend, and you need to avoid suicidal attacks. Sometimes when an all out attack isnt going to work, you can grab the wit space for a few turns, and fall back, and that can be ok too.

Specials can be very important on this map:

Scrambler cant be used on this map if you wait till your opponent is heavily turtled. Ranks of soliders 2 or 3 deep > Scrambler. An earlyish scrambler might work, but this is not Feedback's best map imho.

Mobi can be very useful on defense. If the Mobi lives you basically have two spawn points right where you need em, and the attack is perhaps dead. Mobi on offense can be good too, particularly to finish a rush kill.

Bombshell's can be great on offense or defense on this map, and can (eventually) break turtles.
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