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OSN ST Statistics (3/11 to 4/10)
04-11-2014, 04:16 AM (This post was last modified: 04-11-2014 04:17 AM by Necrocat219.)
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RE: OSN ST Statistics (3/11 to 4/10)
I'm not surprised that much by these statistics, I would have expected adorables to be around 50-55% but that's not the case. The most likely reason for matchups not involving Veggienaughts to be very close to 50% either way is that you can be 'held back' in ranking by the race you play. I felt this when I was majorly playing Feedback, peaking at #37. I have improved since then so that's not thst great an indicator. Another point is, most players will climb so much up until they settle in a slot until their w/l ratio is around 50%, resulting in fairly even ratios.

The large % advantage vs Veggies as Scallys or Feedback is probably due to the extreme lack of players using it as their primary race, over 50% of their league games. Most matches on OSN are of players who are the maining one of the other 3 races, and so is inexperienced with them.

The only statistic I see as strange is A v V being pretty much 50%. Going by what I said above I would expect it to follow a similar trend. My only idea is that as adorables are as popular as they are, the same proportion of Veggie players are main Adorables players and so know that race much better. Or it's just a better matchup. If its a better matchup, I think it's definitely something worth looking into.

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