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De minimis Wit – A Super Titan’s guide to efficiency.
04-10-2014, 09:06 AM
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RE: De minimis Wit – A Super Titan’s guide to efficiency.
Some additional thoughts on this subject

* To figure out what a medic is worth away from spawn:
We can spend 1 wit to move it next to spawn and be worth 3, therefore away from spawn is worth at least 2. If it is in a position we can heal soldiers as we move them out we can use the medic without moving it making it worth more than 2 wits. I'm thinking 2.5 wits is a good approximation.

* If the opponent can safely kill your unit using less wits than it is worth with the method in the original post, it is only worth as much as the opponent needs to kill it. So think about for example how much your 1hp runner is worth if its within 5 tiles of opponents spawn and opponent has a mobi on the map?

* It is a mistake to think a small wit difference doesn't matter when the number of units increases on the map. A good opponent can realize this and try to do a lot of wit neutral exchanges to cut down the unit count and make the wit difference noticeable.

* To figure out who is ahead purely by wit value ignoring everything else: compare the wit value of each player's units plus unspent wits, add half of the wit income to the player that is not the current one to move.

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