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A new map rotation
12-29-2013, 10:33 PM
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A new map rotation
I was thinking that a lot of the maps are broken (War Garden, Foundry) or just plain boring to play (Peekaboo as Scallywags, Sweetie Plains). So I want to propose a different map rotation system. This idea could be implemented in Outwitters 1 or could appear in Outwitters 2; I'm not sure.
So basically, we start with a predetermined set of maps: 8 Gen I maps and 4 Gen II. Every month or two (this time could be changed), there is a new "map season." Basically, every season, Outwitters players design maps using an in-game map creation tool. This could be an in-game purchase for $3.99 or so. Throughout the season, they can design maps and if they want, nominate them as candidates for map rotation. They can also play on the maps they design. This could be free, cost a small fee (49 cents or so), or cost some amount of in-game currency. The next season, there are beta testers to test the maps (Another in-game purchase). Maybe the top 20 STs would automatically be beta testers. During all map seasons except the first, beta testers would be testing maps from the previous map season. There would be an option, along with "league game," "friendly game," and "pass n' play," called "beta game" that appears locked unless you purchase the beta testing pack. These beta games would be on the least-used submitted map, but a player can't play on a map he/she designed (so all maps are played an approximately equal number of times), and would not affect rankings (maybe a "beta" ranking?). After each game, The beta tester has the option to vote "yes" or "no" for the map. Note that while the beta testers are testing, other players are designing maps to be tested the next map season. At the end of this season, the 4 maps with the highest percentage of "yes" votes would advance (tie breaking can be discussed later). Maybe the players who designed the winning maps get rewarded and/or acknowledged somewhere. Then follows a 3-day or so voting session. Every Outwitters player in a certain league or higher can vote on 4 maps to be kicked out. The four maps with the most votes are kicked out of league rotation and can't be played anymore (They could become part of an in-game purchase for friendlies and PPs). The 8 remaining maps become Gen I maps. The 4 new maps become Gen II maps, for players who purchased the Gen II maps pack. This repeats every map season.

Using this method, new and fresh maps are introduced and all the bad maps get kicked, keeping play fun. New maps can come in every map season, starting at the end of the second map season.

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