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RE: Reducing Time Limit for Turns - blckace - 01-03-2014 08:43 PM

I voted three days mainly because two days would be too short for some people. I'm personally fine with two days but three days is middle ground for everyone. Four days is too much. Also I wish if the losses weren't server side. So when a game reaches 72 hours it surrenders the player automatically.

RE: Reducing Time Limit for Turns - Norahsul - 01-03-2014 09:05 PM

3 days plus the bug of occasionally 6 days...
But no, 3 days is good.
I travel quite often and sometimes time just doesn't allow me to have access to play games

Thanks and blitz too Wink

RE: Reducing Time Limit for Turns - lawtai - 01-03-2014 09:30 PM

Also, not sure if it's related to the 6 day timeout bug, but based on the clan tourney games, we've been noticing discrepancies with the timer on the two sides. It will say "4 days" on one side, but still have a few hours before it hits "4 days" on the other side, which seems to indicate that it's not a strict time limit...

RE: Reducing Time Limit for Turns - Jamay235 - 01-03-2014 09:30 PM

It will not surprise anyone, I prefer 4 days. We can have busy life, and this game is a good escape. Like Littlebull76 said, it will put a lot of pressure on some people to the point of not playing anymore. I think 4 days without the bug is reasonable like 3 days for tourneys is ok too.

RE: Reducing Time Limit for Turns - onealexleft - 01-03-2014 09:34 PM

(01-03-2014 08:19 PM)terenceshiu2005 Wrote:  Will it be applied to friendly games? We still need it for tournament 'meeting games'.

need what for tourney games? the 4 day limit?

Right now this change is being considered for all games. It's possible to only apply to league games, but I'd prefer to keep it simple. So those that play a mix of either aren't keeping two deadlines in mind.

RE: Reducing Time Limit for Turns - Juslas - 01-03-2014 10:14 PM

Outwitters is not BLITZ. I hate long wait times, loved to play a match in an hour with a turn per 30 sec … and I have done that. Played some 2v2 blitz type sessions in league matches, too.
I do not know if the timer on server is now "accurate", but 96 hours (exactly) would be just fine. Meaning faster fine that it has been during season 3, when timer sure were broken.
Global time zones and 72 hour interval do generate troubles for players, who do not play weekends.
48 hours is too little because of global time zones only.

Since slow pace is problem to some active players, it has to be preferred pace to significant amount of casual players. Launch another match and you'll get paired with an opponent with different pace.

RE: Reducing Time Limit for Turns - Pharmafan - 01-03-2014 10:14 PM

First of all I wish to mention, that I`m really glad, that you said, that the timeout-bug will be fixed soon (or is it still fixed?). It was annoying that we had a threshold that worked sometimes and sometimes the games went till "6 days ago". So many thanks for this fix!

And I´m absolutely glad that you find the time to offer changes to this game and like to fulfill wishes of the community! Thanks for that also, Alex!

In this particular question I really appreciate the fix that assures that a game really is kicked after 4 days but I really really hope that we keep the limit at 4 days.

Of course all votes are dependent on the RL of the voters and perhaps of their…lets call it "regular life". Everyone likes opponents which answer fast and play fast and I also like to get answers to my turns within hours and not within days….but I think absolutely everyone has at least some weekends or travels during a year that lead to exceptions from the general wish for a limit of 2 days….please think of these exceptional spots IRL when you`re voting here even if you normally find the time to play every single day.

I don`t like end this game become such a pressure for some players that they finally skip playing it…..perhaps I feel like this cause I surely myself will become one of those "victims" of a change here. I try to play at least one hour a day and make my turns and some days I manage to play a couple of hours….but then there are several phases in my RL that completely prohibit making a turn for full 3 days cause of work, kids, guests, celebrations, whatever……and I also sometimes enjoy a day without this wonderful game Wink

Of course this is only my own opinion and my own situation - 4 days was perfect for me (only if needed) - and as said above I really appreciate that you are coming back and raise issues of the community and if the majority really leads to an amendment here it seems to be OK for most players…

I think 2 days is absolutely too short….I really think many of you who voted for 2 days has also sometimes 48 hours filled up with something else than Outwitters….please take into account that this alteration will cancel all your games then….

I really like the suggestion of Juslas to show the time in hours and not in days. It´s easier to make sure the real timeout-border.

Whatever will be the result here….and I cross my fingers cause I love this game….thanks for the poll and your efforts!

RE: Reducing Time Limit for Turns - Mag!cGuy - 01-03-2014 10:25 PM

2 days is definitely too short, I think 3 days is the perfect balance. It would improve the time out limit by a half, since it was 6 days before, and I'd be totally happy with this Smile

RE: Reducing Time Limit for Turns - poweewee - 01-03-2014 10:34 PM

I have no qualms with it either way. With 2 days limit, I think we can encourage more new players to join. If i were a new player, and the other guy took four days to play, then that would really kill the game for me.

However, as mentioned above, we do take some holidays which may extend more than two days. I guess we just have to plan ahead and not start too many games with an upcoming vacation. Or probably, would there be a way for people to select "quick-game" (2 days limit, or even 1 day) vs "regular game" (4 days limit)?

RE: Reducing Time Limit for Turns - joelduque - 01-03-2014 10:46 PM

There are ongoing group/clan matches. Making the change apply to these can force clans to make suboptimal moves that could cost them the matches. Just sayin'.